Looking for a translation service with a capital ‘S’?

What do we do?

Production can provide every service you may require to distribute your multilingual texts and messaging in the right context.

Translation & adaptation

Our translators are specialists with experience in one or more specific subject areas and who only translate texts into their native language. They use unique technological tools for a consistent result, down to the smallest of details.


Need an interpreter, here or abroad? For simultaneous or consecutive interpretation sessions? depending on the type of assignment, event and the audience, we provide you with the professionals you need in each specific area.


Want to convert an audio or visual recording of a meeting or presentation into clear, easy- to-read text? Our specialists will ensure that you quickly have a high-quality, readable script of your audio or video file in hand, in any language you want.
We have the software packages required to convert your documentation (PDF, PPT, etc.) into accessible and editable formats, such as Word.

Proofreading and revising

Proofreading includes thorough reading of a translation, only in the target language.
A revision verifies the translation in the target language by comparing it with the source language in terms of language usage, terminology and style.


You can also depend on us for all your professional copywriting needs. Working from a clear briefing, we put our copywriters to work to get your message across to your target audience in the right tone of voice and in line with your company’s mission and values.

Graphic design & layout

A multilingual graphic design or multilingual layout requires an approach in which the message and the available volume are taken into account. Production delivers print and publication-ready content and can also help you to optimise its translation.

Sworn/legally certified translation

Translations of extracts from civil registers, certificates, contracts, annual accounts, diplomas, certified copies, patents, judgements and notarial deeds can also be entrusted to us. We provide the sworn and legally certified translations that are required for these kinds of documents.


Extend your reach to a broader audience with your company videos, advertising messaging and educational or e-learning webinars? Production provides subtitling that can make your audiovisual content understandable and engaging for everyone.

Which platform do we use?


Be the manager of your own translation project

Do you want to monitor your translation project closely, so that you can see how it is proceding at any given time? Production makes this possible and simple with the Plunet translation management system. It is a configurable platform that saves you a lot of time and money because, as a client, you will have automatic access to all important information relevant to the development and costs of your project. For an estimate or project request, simply log in via the client portal, load the source files, and enter all the relevant project details and requirements.

Neural Machine Translation (NMT)

Human and machine collaborating in an optimal working relationship

To provide translations on even the most technical subjects rapidly and for an affordable price, and with the guarantee of impeccable quality - we at Production use a unique, innovative automation system: NMT, or Neural Machine Translation. NMT uses a smart application to create a reliable foundation for professional translations that are also correct in their use of terminology. Because we want to guarantee a correct translation that is comprehensible to the target audience in all circumstances, the texts are exclusively verified by our experts and corrected or adapted,where necessary. Thanks to this essential collaboration between person and machine, Production can guarantee flawless translations of large volumes of text, in every specific subject area.

Validation by the customer

Your approval guarantees a perfect outcome

Client validation is an important step in the translation process. The more feedback we get from our clients, the better we can understand your expectations and requirements. It can only improve the service provided! Our project management system, Plunet, contains an “order feedback” tab where our clients can give their comments and evaluation of our service, per project and with respect to various criteria.

Text management

Faster, more cost efficient and more consistent translations

All your translations are saved in a translation memory, created especially for the client. By comparing new projects with existing translation memory content we can assess whether we can reuse previously translated material. Verifying whether the material fits the context is the only other check that must take place. With this text management methodology you save time and a lot of costs, the translation automatically proceeds more rapidly, and your company communications become more consistent.

Terminology management

Improving consistency across your content

Using our online terminology platform, clients and translators can share terminology in a dynamic way. Because it is fully integrated into our translation process, our translators are able to use real-time terminology guidance as they work.
Moreover, every client has their own terminology database. These can be expanded with documents, glossaries or databases, provided by the client and never modified without client approval.

Which file formats do we use?

Production can process your requests in any recent file type.
Don’t hesitate to contact one of our project managers with any questions you may have about the type of file you would like to have translated. That way we can guarantee you an efficient outcome in any format you require.

We love plain language. You can trust us at our word

For more than 30 years, Production has been providing fast, high-quality translation services to private sector companies and public service organisations. We do it by using smart technology and carefully selected, professional translators. It’s that mix of high technology and human expertise which results in fast, cost-efficient translations of a high, uncompromising quality.

What can you expect from us?

Puzzle pieces

A solution-focused service

Production puts your interests first in everything it does. We automatically ‘translate’ your translation needs into translation solutions. From the start of every project, you are given the tools to ensure the best possible result, now and in the future. In short, we take a solution-focused approach in every situation - as an adviser, as a partner and as proactively engaged innovator.

Light bulb

Continuous innovation

Today, translation requires a lot more than solid language knowledge. The speed of communication today requires an approach in which technology also plays an essential role. Production therefore not only uses tried and tested systems that it constantly refines and improves, it also regularly used new, smart technologies that allow us to work even faster, more consistently and more cost-effectively.


100% transparent

Production works with you in a completely open, honest and accessible context. As translation partner we organically build up a trust relationship with our clients. And that’s why our doors will always be wide open to you. Our project management gives you 24/7 access to all project-related information. You can check the project workflow or cost status of your project whenever it suits you. Your project manager is ready to answer any questions you may have.


Fair trading

Fair prices and an honest opinion. Those are the values with which Production works with its clients, partners and suppliers. And especially because we work in an international context, we also take our social responsibility seriously. That is why we work with organisations such as Artsen Zonder Grenzen and support initiatives like the European Master’s in Translation.


Hear it from someone else

What do we do and for whom?

Production delivers technical, legal and communications translations for banks and insurance companies, governmental organisations, public service organisations, industrial and production companies, the health care and pharmaceutical sectors, the judiciary, the construction world, the leisure and tourism sector, retail and non-retail firms and independent professionals.

Listen to what a client has to say


“We engaged Production on the recommendation of a supplier who was very satisfied with the quality and speed of their translations. When we contacted them with the enquiry about whether we could come to them for complicated, technical translations, we had a good impression straight away. We have now been working with them for a few years and have only had positive experiences thus far. At one point, we urgently needed texts in eight different languages regarding an international ISO certificate that we had obtained. They got us out of our difficulty in no time, allowing us to raise our profile more and to do it more successfully within our sector. Thanks to their input, and especially the service that they offered, we experienced first hand just how important a strong translation service is for the development of your company, and also above all in the technological field.”

All our people speak the same language

Ralph Van Lysbeth

Owner & CEO

“We have had our finger on the pulse of the translation market for more than 30 years. It’s given us a healthy edge on the competition.”

Philippe Honhon

Owner & COO

“To keep on exceeding our clients’ expectations. That’s our ultimate target.”

Pascal van de Werve


“Delivering top quality for the best price is a balancing act that we have now truly mastered.”

Coralie Nerinckx

Head of Project Managers Team

“Technology is an often-used term, but it’s all about using the right technology in the right context.”

Marc Tafforeau

Resource & Quality Manager

“The term ‘quality’ is often used. For us it is an inherent part of the organisation.”

Arthur Galant

Project Manager

“Every project is a new challenge that we totally commit to, from day one.”

Charlotte Lamard

Project Manager

“In our dictionary the word ‘client’ is spelt with a capital C.”

Marie Sels

Project Manager

"Translation is that which transforms everything so that nothing changes"

Nikolay Todorov

IT Manager

“In the world of translation, systems are becoming more and more important, however, it is thanks to the input of top translators and linguists.”

Isabel Ruiz-Mena

Office Administrator

“Every translation project is unique. That’s why close monitoring is necessary.”

Freddy Lemineur

Finance & Administration Officer

“Good financial & administrative policy guarantees a flawless outcome.”

Want to connect with the future of translation now?

More than 30 years’ experience

For more than three decades, Production has been using trusted ISO procedures, which have been extensively tested and refined over the years to produce the high-quality translations you expect and deserve.

If you opt for quality and speed

‘Quality’ and ‘speed’ are concepts that we process and interpret in nearly every language on a daily basis. If these qualities are at the top of your wish list for your multilingual communications, then you are in expert hands at Production.

At home in the public and private sector

Production is completely at home in every sector and has a full command of the language and terminology particular to every specific subject area. Both public and private service organisations regularly rely on us for our services and expertise to optimise and streamline their multilingual communications.

Trusted with large volumes of translation

Need large amounts of text translated within a relatively short period, and with the certainty of a high-quality, consistent result? We can also manage workflows of large translation volumes effortlessly by using a combination of advanced translation technologies and trained experts, who are also skilled users of the newest translation systems.

Different ways of working together

Production not only works for a broad spectrum of clients. We also tend to work with most of our clients for a long time and have built up trust relationships with them. Production would also like extend to you the option of a flexible cooperation, tailored to your needs, to ensure a solution-focused service in line with your objectives.

Native speakers

Production works exclusively with carefully selected, professional translators and linguists uniquely adept in the specific language usage of the sectors in which they specialise. Each one is a ‘born’ language expert with 100% dedication to each assignment.

We translate your needs into solutions



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